Outsource Imaging is a young photo editing company headquartered in Bangalore which currently caters to the growing real estate industry. With our focus on providing real estate companies with quality images of their properties and floor plans, we have been able to build a name in the industry and establish trust among our clients with respect to work quality. We are a team of professional photo editors, graphic designers who aim to support the real estate industry’s growing needs of high-quality photo editing services and floor plans.

Established in 2011, Outsource imaging has been able to quickly scale the heights of success through our workmanship for a number of real estate clients around the globe. At the time of conception, we had realized that the growing needs of the real estate industry offer a suitable platform for photo editors who are focused on real estate photography. And there are few photographers and editors who have explored this area yet.

With immense potential, the real estate industry is much in need for professionals who can create high-quality, attractive images and floor plans which can help the company increase sales and profitability. Since real-estate advertising is also greatly dependent on visuals, our efforts are focused on helping our clients capture the market with the help of amazing visuals which perfectly showcase the property and are a true rendition of the actual property. This results in people not just getting attracted to the images but also in increasing sales because people buy what they actually see in the images.

Our team continuously researches trends in imaging and photography and new tools and technologies which can help us improve the quality of our services. It also gives us the opportunity to leverage the latest methods used in photo editing, which can improve client experience.

As a young team aiming to expand our reach in the real estate industry, we have built a system that allows our clients to easily upload the photos they take of a property and then create stunning images with the help of a range of photo editing tools. We are also experts in video editing and creating virtual tours or virtual layouts to help you provide an immersive experience to your clients through online advertisements.

All our projects are delivered in a timely manner and progress on the projects are regularly shared for feedback and to help our clients stay updated. By communicating regularly with our clients about their requirements and expectations, we are able to assess their businessneeds in a better way and create solutions which are most relevant for their requirements.

Based on customer request, we have also recently started increasing the list of services we provide to explore portrait editing and wedding photo editing. Our efforts to position ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all our customers have led to such expansions. With real estate photo editing and floor plans being our featured services, we also offer editing services for other industries, including photo manipulations.

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