Real Estate Photo Editing

Even a good photo of a beautiful property can turn better and look more attractive after professional editing. When images of a property are edited professionally, you will realize that the photo looks more presentable and can leave a stronger impact on the mind of prospective clients. Our real estate photo editing services usually involve the following:

Brightness and contract adjustment

Identifying the most suitable levels of brightness and contrast to give your images the perfect look.

Whiten ceilings

The most effective way of making a place look more vibrant is to whiten the ceilings. As a result, the room automatically looks bigger, more beautiful and brighter.

Perspective verticals

While distorted perspectives make amazing photos, they are usually not your best bet if you are trying to sell a property. Homes, buildings and other structures in the image must look perfectly vertical or perfectly horizontal to make them look attractive for the clients instead of giving them a chance to point out a design flaw.

Removal of camera sensor dust

Sensor dust is a major problem in digital photography. It can ruin a beautiful photo. We help you remove camera sensor dust from the photos to make your real estate images spotlessly clear of dust.

White balance

Keeping the color temperature of the light source in mind, we aim to make the photo look more natural just as the place would appear if you were standing there.

Remove camera sensor dot

Images with spots can be doctored to make them look free of unwanted spots or dots which can distract customers.

Brighten shadows

Editing images to enhance the amount of light around nooks and corners, making rooms feel brighter and more beautiful.

Correct color balance

The imbalance of colors create poor photos which can drive prospective customers away. We bring color balance to the photos to make them look more perfect to the eye.

Removal of camera flashes

Real estate photos often involve a lot of reflective elements like mirrors, window glasses, metal artefacts and other furniture that may reflect the camera flash. This can mar the beauty of the image and reduce its appeal for your audience. We remove these camera flashes to make your photo look more natural.

Replace Grass

Beautiful lawns are a delight for customers looking at property photos. But if a property does not have the perfect green grass at the time when you take the photo then we edit the photos to add lush green grass.

Remove camera aberration

Camera aberration causes a certain amount of fuzziness on the edges of the image or elements in the image. This reduces the sharpness of the image and may become more noticeable if the images are used on large billboards or if the clients zoom in to animage. By reducing camera aberration we help you improve the quality of images you use on the website and other advertisement spaces.

Adding fire to fire places

Fire adds warmth and livens up a living space. While many of our clients want to showcase a beautiful fireplace, they don’t want to go through the hassle of starting up a fire. We add the fire and retouch the whole photo to give a natural look with a fire lit up in the fireplace.

Replace sky

Did you end up taking a photo on a day when the sky was overcast? But now you would want the sky to look brighter and more beautiful in order to make the property look more appealing? We make it possible and at the same time, make sure that the whole property is edited to reduce shadows and add more lighting to match the overall look of the newly added sky.

Lens correction

Lens correction is a more holistic approach to editing a photo that has various imperfections including dark corners, curved lines, and distortion of images.

Correct exposure

Poorly taken images may lack the right amount of exposure which can reduce the look and feel of a room especially if it ends up looking way too dark in the photo than what it normally is.

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