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The privacy policy, along with the terms and conditions are an important guide for conducting business with Outsource Imaging. We value your privacy and confidentiality. This is why we comply with GDPR to provide all our customers with a safe and trusted browsing experience for the time that you are on our website. All information collected by us is subject to the privacy policy and terms and conditions outlined below and on the terms and conditions page.

Why do we collect information?

We collect information for the following reasons:

  • To improve customer experience – Small files in the form of cookies help us collect information that can provide you with a better website browsing experience.
  • To add you to our customer base – We maintain a customer base of our clients for legal compliance and to adhere to local rules and regulations with respect to data protection. This information also helps us keep a track of the extent of our business.
  • To keep you updated on new services and pricing details – We may send emails every now and then either in the form of newsletters or marketing information if you opt-in to receive such emails from us at the time of registering for our services.
  • To render services – We use your email address and phone number to contact you when required regarding the progress or completion of projects. Edited images will be sent to your email address.
  • For analytical purposes – We use information to carry out analysis on website visit patterns, location of our customers, and services accessed through the website. This analysis helps us improve our services and provides better insight into our target audience.
  • For marketing purposes – With permission, we may use previous projects as a sample of our work. Any client’s images being used on our website as a sample or any references given to prospective clients will always be done after taking explicit permission from the client.

Information you provide to us

Any information that personally identifies you is known as personally identifiable information. It is confidential and sensitive. So it should be kept secure. Sensitive information that we may collect from our customers include:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Financial information

We may collect this information from our customers in any of the following ways:

  • Sign in information provided at the time of registration – This will include the login ID and password which you would have created along with any additional details provided at the time of registration.
  • Online marketing sources – We may request your information through online advertisements.
  • Through the contact us form – once you submit the information entered in the Contact Us form the details will be automatically transmitted to us through an email to allow us to respond to you about your query.
  • If you send us your details over the phone, email, or by physically visiting the office – Your information will be stored and used to provide services in the future.
  • Payment information – If you choose to use any of our services, then we collect your payment information through secure payment processing services.
  • Information provided through customer support – We collect information through customer support channels based on the scope of work. This can be either through chat, email, or phone. This information will include a summary of the problem you are reporting, screenshots if required, documentation or other information shared with us detailing the problem.
  • Information you provide through third-party agents – We may use influencers and third-party marketing companies to market our brand and services. Information provided in these promotions or marketing campaigns will be used for promoting our work.
  • Job Applications – When you apply for a job at our company through a job portal, a third party link or directly from the website, we will collect personally identifiable information which will be related to you and the job you are applying for.

Information that is automatically collected

  • All customers visiting our website will have the opportunity to accept cookies on the website. Cookies are small files which help us improve the quality of our services by allowing us to store part of the information of your visit on your browser. In future, when you visit our website again the cookies will facilitate easily loading of the website.
  • Our servers may collect other information regarding the technicalities of your device from which the website is being accessed, the browser used, the IP address, your location and other details required by webhosts.

Privacy and confidentiality of information

All sensitive information is stored and used securely in compliance with local and international standards of data security. Sensitive information stored on the servers is used for business purposes only. They are not sold or provided to any third party for purposes other than the providing our services to our clients. None of the data is sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

We utilize the most feasible physical, technical and administrative security measures to reduce security risks and to ensure that data is safe. This includesthe use of firewall, anti-virus software programs, using trustworthy webhosts and regularly monitoring our networks for a data breach.

Information sharing

We may share information with third parties to provide you with services. Some of our projects may be completed by freelance editors and depending on the inflow of work, we may employ contractual work-from-home employees. All such third parties render their services in compliance with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of this website.

Your payment information also goes through third party payment gateway where it is processed and we receive a confirmation if the payment is successful. Our servers do not save any of your payment information. This helps us improve the security of our website and build trust among our clients.

We are also liable to share information if required by law enforcement teams or if such information is requested through a subpoena.

Third-party links

At times, we may include links to third-party links if we find that these links may include something useful for our customers. These links are placed only to improve customer experience. We do not have any control over these third-party websites. Once you click on the link and go away from our website, we will no longer be responsible for the data you share on the other website. We advise our clients to practice careful judgement in giving out data on any of these websites.

Length of time for which information is stored

We keep personally identifiable information only for the period of time till it is required for us to provide you services. Your account information is stored in our database for as long as your account is active and for a period of time after this when you may consider reactivating the account. Information is stored to meet legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

We also use information to develop our services and to improve customer experience. But in this case, we make sure that personally identifiable information is eliminated so that it cannot directly identify you. Analytical data is always used collectively, which does not give anyone the opportunity to personally identify you with the help of such data.

If you gave us explicit authorization to use any data like a testimonial or customer story or images on our website, then we may continue to use it even if you deactivate your account.

We may continue to store original and updated information for a number of reason including but not limited to audits, resolution for customer disagreements, and troubleshooting.

Your rights

Anyone who uses the website has the following rights:

  1. You can change and update your personal information if it has any error or if any of these details have actually changed.
  2. You may request the deletion of your personal data from our records
  3. You can choose to opt-out of our marketing emails and newsletters at any time by clicking on the opt-out link on the marketing email.
  4. You can deny cookies if you do not want the files to be placed on your browser. By denying cookies, you may notice certain limitations in browsing the website.
  5. On request, we can provide you with electronic copies of personally identifiable data available with us including where the data is stored and the purpose for which it is stored.

Your consent to this privacy policy

By accessing our website and using our services, we automatically conclude that you agree to the privacy policy. We may regularly update the policy to comply with new rules and regulations regarding privacy. If we make any changes to the privacy policy and you continue to use our website, then it means that you agree to the updated privacy policy. Personal data will be used in accordance with the privacy policy, which was in effect when that data was shared with us.

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