A huge portion of the world’s population is displaced every year because of internal and external political conflicts, natural calamities and personal grievances. The extent of stress and anxiety experienced by the refugees is difficult to imagine and even worse to witness.

Profoto has been a big name in the lighting industry for providing lighting solutions to photographers. It has successfully gained a global audience and has managed to continually innovate in the area of lighting for photographers. As a result, it has a growing base of loyal customers.

In 1963 when Gus Coral took the first photos of the Rolling Stones, the band was just an amateur group playing alongside their idols Bo Diddley, Little Richard and the Everly Brothers. It was their first tour – a 36-night stand. The Rolling Stones emerged over night as the most successful and popular band not just in one city or country,
but throughout the world. Decades later, they continue to be aninspiration for many aspiring musicians and their work is popular among big and small homes alike.

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