How it works

Request Service

All our projects begin with a service request which provides us with detailed information of the work that needs to be carried out, the number of photos which require editing and the expected output for the photos. We urge our clients to provide clear information about the services that they want us to provide. It will improve customer experience and ensure that we meet our customer expectations. Our team may communicate with you about the photos and the different editing services which can be used to doctor the photos.

Receive Quotation

After carefully reviewing the work we have to carry out for each of the photos, we will send you a quotation. Our services are priced nominally to make sure that you get the best editing services at a competitive rate. The quotation is sent to your email address within 24 hours from the time you request the service. It will include complete details about the services being rendered and the price of each of the services. You have the opportunity to carefully scrutinize the quotation and you can even talk to us if you have any inquiries about the price or the service mentioned in the quotation.

Accept Quotation

If you are satisfied with the pricing and the services that will be provided for editing the photos, you can accept the quotation. The payment can be made once the photos are delivered to your inbox. Payment of our services will have to be made online and you will receive a receipt to confirm the payment. Acceptance of the quotation will require payment of the services as well so that we can proceed to editing the images. We also have on-going project for our customers so that we can bill once a month.

Let the pros get to work

Once we receive confirmation that the quotation has been accepted, our team of professionals begins working on the photos. We have a number of photo editing experts, who specialize in using various editing tools and software programs. At the same time, our team also consists of creative artists and graphic designers who excel at creating astounding graphic illustrations and amazing photo manipulations. It takes our team approximately 24 hours to complete a project keeping accuracy and perfection in mind. Every image is worked and reworked upon till it meets the expectations set by our customers.

Enjoy the results!

After the editing work is complete, we send the images to your email address where you can go through the changes and can even compare the difference our editing work brings to the original photos. We put time and effort into each of our projects to make sure that we achieve the best of results. At the same time, weunderstand the importance of client feedback and we always want to know how you feel about the edited photos too. You have the opportunity to revise any editing services within 12 hours from the day of completion of the project.

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